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These are only a few of our best-selling ranges. Please visit us to browse through 100's of rolls and 1000's of samples.

Republic hand carved (V)

4 Metre only Heavy domestic floral hand carved Wilton, woven backing, 30.40 per Sq Metre100% Stain Defender Polypropylene

Price: 30.40

Colours in this range:

Savanna (M)

Description: HEATSET POLYPROPYLENE WILTON, Widths: 4m, Tog Rating: 1.24, Backing: WOVEN, Pile Weight: 1970gr/m2, 35 Per Sq Metre,

Price: 35.00

Colours in this range:

Supreme Wilton (M)

Description: 100% NEALINE HEATSET WILTON, Widths: 4m, Backing: SECONDARY WOVEN, Pile Content: 100% POLYPROPYLENE, Pile Weight: 2250gr/m2, Price: 37.49 Per Sq Metre,

Price: 37.49

Colours in this range:

Buckingham Super Hand Carved (M)

Description: 100% POLYPROPYLENE HEATSET WILTON Widths: 4m Pile Content: 100% POLYPROPYLENE Price:33.99 per Sq Metre

Price: 34.00

Colours in this range: